where to buy a cot Where to buy a cot

Often one side drops down to give easy access to the baby.

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Cots can also be circular made with walls that have no slats. Some cots can convert to toddler beds. Infants have died after being strangled by loose blind or curtain cords hanging in or near cots. Infants have died in cots where do-it-yourself repairs have created hazards.

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  • If parts of your cot break or stop working, always take it back to the supplier to organise repairs. Gaps in cots may cause injury or death if the infant becomes trapped.

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  • The risks include suffocation,injuries to arms and legs, or strangulation if the head becomes trapped between gaps. Infants can also suffer strangulation if their clothing gets snagged on parts of a cot that stick out.

    where to buy a cot Where to buy a cot

    Buying tips Information about the recommended size of the mattress to use with a cot is required by law in four places: If buying a second-hand cot, make sure it comes with full instructions for safe assembly and use and that all necessary parts are in good working order. If the cot features a moving drop side, ensure that the locking mechanism is functional and operates safely with repeated use.

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  • Only use the mattress specifically designed for the cot, and never place an extra mattress in the cot. If the cot has an upper and lower mattress level, move it to the lower level as soon as the child can stand up. Keep decorative mobiles out of reach. Set the cot up away from blinds and curtain cords.

    Cot bars should be vertical; if they are horizontal your baby could use them as a ladder to climb out. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Provided your policy is still active and your premiums are up to date, we'll email you 4 weeks post-purchase to explain how you claim your free Amazon Echo Dot.

    Keep heaters or any electrical appliances away from the cot. Never modify a new or old cot yourself, as this can destroy inbuilt safety features.

    where to buy a cot Where to buy a cot

    Video This cot safety video is part of the Keeping Baby Safe series. It provides you with tips and advice on choosing and using a cot safety.

    Plastic strips running along the wooden edge will protect your baby from getting a mouthful of splinters, and the cot from being damaged. A mattress will not be included with the cot. What to look out for:



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