small cot for child Small cot for child

Establishing a good bedtime routine can save your tiredness further down the line Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Once you become a parent , having the recommended solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep becomes a distant memory.

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  • With babies needing feeds throughout the night, you can find yourself at your wits' end. And then there's baby's sleeping pattern to consider.

    small cot for child Small cot for child

    How do you know what's best for them? Do your actions in the first few weeks affect how they will sleep Sleep expert Mandy Gurney, founder of Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic, said: Do you have any tips for new mums and dads? Share them using the form below or on our Mirror Mums Facebook page.

    small cot for child Small cot for child

    Teach your baby the difference between day and night Your newborn baby will spend on average 16 hours of every 24 asleep. The first step is to teach your baby the connection between dark and sleep and light and awake.

    This method is often very useful for parents where there have been concerns about separation or loss. Can I put my twin babies in the same cot to sleep? If your child waits repeatedly throughout the night for a bottle, this is extremely common in young babies and it is not something you should worry about.

    Within 10 weeks, your baby is capable of understanding she should sleep longer at night. Your baby spends two thirds of their day snoozing Image: Getty During the day, immerse your baby in the hustle and bustle of normal life but during night feeds avoid stimulating them.

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  • Keep your voice low and make minimal eye contact. Combined with the soporific effects of darkness and quiet, this will eventually help your baby to learn that night-time is for sleeping.

    Find out more about our advice for a clear cot here. There is no upper weight limit for using the travel cot.

    Read More The top baby-friendly holiday destinations that parents will love too 2. These could be them going quiet and still, rubbing their eyes, yawning or crying. Respond to these sleep cues right away by putting them in their Moses basket or cot for a nap. Learn to read the signals that your baby might be ready for a snooze Image: Flickr Select By the end of the first month, a napping pattern typically emerges with babies needing a nap every one and a half hours after their previous waking time.

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