infant cot Infant cot
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  • Child ages 2 and below 12 Infant fare Young guests below 2 years, on the date of travel, are classified as infants. If travelling on their 2nd birthday, a child fare should be booked. If known at the time of travel that the infant would turn to a child on the return flight, separate infant and child tickets should be booked through our offices. You can buy a ticket online for an infant, only if booked along with an adult. Please contact us to add an infant to an existing booking.

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  • An infant must be at least 7 days old on the date of travel. Age classification will apply on the date of travel and not at the time of booking. Fare rules apply for refunds.

    infant cot Infant cot

    A guest can travel with two infants if a seat is purchased for the second infant using child fare and an approved car seat is used. Child fare Young guests from 2 years and below 12 years, on the date of travel, are classified as children.

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  • If travelling on their 12th birthday, an adult fare should be booked. If the status of a child turns to an adult on the return flight, a child fare applies throughout the journey.

    infant cot Infant cot

    Different rules and procedures are applied to children travelling on their own as Unaccompanied Minors. We cannot guarantee the service on other carriers not operated by us.

    Baby Bassinets pre-booked All of our aircraft are fitted with baby bassinet positions where a specially designed carry-cot can be installed for use by a small child or infant. They have been carefully designed to accommodate infants below 10 months old and weighing less than 10kg. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis in Economy Class and Business Class so please book early to reserve one.

    If your baby seems unwell, seek medical advice immediately. No drop side means it can be more difficult to get your baby in and out.

    For safety reasons, they can only be used once the aircraft is airborne and seat belt signs have been switched off. If the aircraft experiences turbulence and the seatbelt signs have been switched on, infants must be removed from the bassinet and secured on their adults lap using the infant seatbelt. To ensure the safety of your little ones, baby bassinets will need to be removed if infants are found to be over 10 months old or weigh above 10kgs upon check-in or onboard.

    Baby and child meals pre-ordered Request your baby or child's meal at the time of booking or 24 hours before departure.

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    Preferred meals will not be available onboard unless you have pre-ordered. If you made a booking on etihad. Requirements Booking is purchased through etihad. Booking reference or ticket number Clear passport copy Important notes We will refund the APD to your original form of payment. For tickets purchased through travel agents and third party websites, please contact them directly for refunds.



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