cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins

Have you read this book yet? Check out the ultimate book on raising twins: Just how they tell you is what makes this part of twin parenting interesting. Moving twins into beds can be quite the adventure. However, your twins might just show you by their actions.

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  • Just like our girls. I put the jail breaker back in her crib and said good night. Almost as soon as I closed the door, I heard that same thump sound. I put her back into the crib and told her to stay put.

    Emergency Transition The sudden reality that our girls could escape their cribs at any time required immediate action on our part. My wife and I quickly discussed the safety issues and our options. We told them they were big girls now and that they got to sleep in big girl beds. They bounced around, played, and turned their light on and off for about an hour.

    We realized our mistake and went and put them back in their cribs after several unsuccessful interventions. We got the escape artist to stay in her crib by tying a large bed sheet over the top of the crib on each of the four corners. It was enough of a deterrent to buy us the time we needed to resolve the issue the following day.

    Don't reinvent the twin parenting wheel. Big Bed Preparations The next day was a holiday so we scrambled to get the girls ready for their official big girl beds. The girls were really excited for their new beds and redesigned bedroom.

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  • We hoped that all the fanfare about getting big girl beds would help them settle into the routine. First Night We tucked the girls into bed after saying prayers and as soon as we said goodnight and closed the door, they turned into Twinadoes.

    The girls pulled all of their clothes out of their drawers, played with toys, bounced on the beds, yelled, screamed, and had a merry old time. We went in occasionally when we heard cries of pain typically when one had fallen off the bed , and got them tucked back into their beds.

    So I went into the room and unscrewed the light bulbs from the overhead light and took the nightlight with me. Without any light to guide their mischievous activities, they finally fell asleep close to Second Night Tuesday night we kept the night light in the room, and did the go-to-bed routine.

    As soon as Mom left the room, they bounced up and started playing again. With the overhead light bulbs missing, they only had the nightlight to see with. Nevertheless, that was enough to once again empty every dresser drawer and throw all their clothes on the floor. We tried to ignore all the noise but it was so loud that we feared it would wake up their sleeping brothers in the other room. Unfortunately, we found that if we went into the room it seemed to reset the timer on their play and they would just continue that much longer.

    They must have been extra tired or perhaps they were just getting used to the routine because by 8: Third Night On the third night, we did the bedtime routine: They played and made noise but overall were quieter than the previous nights. I went into the room which was dark and fumbled for the night light. The non-crying girl had it in her hands, with the light bulb in one hand and the fixture in the other hand.

    I put the night light back together and plugged it in.

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    I tucked the girls back into bed and left. Ten minutes later, I heard cries again. The room was dark and once again the nightlight thief was clutching her prize. They fell asleep shortly thereafter. The Twin Stroller Advisor helps you find the perfect double stroller for your family.

    Fourth Night The girls skipped their naps today so they were treated to an early bedtime. My wife peeked in on the girls at this time and they were both—amazingly—sleeping on their own beds. Nights Five and Six On the weekend, my wife and I went out on a date each night and the babysitter reported no problems getting the girls down to bed.

    By the time we got home, they were asleep on their beds. Essential Tips for Transitioning Your Twins to Big Beds Through our experience of getting our twins to move from cribs to big beds, we realized a few key things that will help you in your home when the time comes: Follow the bed time routine even if the twins immediately pop up out of bed.

    Minimize going into the room after bedtime unless absolutely necessary Expect one or both to fall out of bed during the night.

    But, can you actually put it in your room and still be able to open the door and walk around it? They were swaddled until late and then went into sleeping bags.

    You may just put their mattresses directly on the floor to reduce the change of injury. Try to prevent the twins from opening the door. Use child-proof handles on the inside, or if their handle has a lock, switch the handle so the lock is on the outside of the room.

    cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins

    Give it some time. It may take days or even weeks. Remember to be patient and consistent and eventually your twins will come around to the new normal. How to Thrive as a Father of Twins. Let us know in the comments. Need more help sleep training your twins?

    cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins

    Check out this step-by-step guide to sleep training twins from fellow parent of twins, Nina Garcia: Further Reading Don't forget to pick up a copy of the definitive guide to raising twins. Click here to learn more about the book and get your copy. This newsletter will help



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