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We sell by taking orders through our online payments system and dispatching products as soon as possible. The types of bunk beds we sell are wide and varied.

They come in either wood or metal, can be ordered in a multitude of colours and have a range of designs; from a standard bunk bed to trundle, loft, triple sleepers and everything in between. Want a double on the bottom? We can get that done no problem. Need a desk underneath? We have a number of loft bunk beds that might suit your style.

Anything you might need you can find here, so we suggest you browse the site and find what suits you!

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  • In a cozy room warmed up by an immersion heater or similar device, your kids will sleep in a comfort out of this world! Two people get a private sleeping area rather than having two people, be they siblings or renters, having to share a bed. With most wooden bunk beds the top and bottom bunks are modular, meaning you can split them into two separate single beds if you move into a larger room etc. It adds a nice degree of variability without needing to buy two beds.

    A warm and secure toddler is much more likely to sleep right through, and that's exactly what Jacob is doing, thank goodness! Completing your delivery Finding quotes for bed delivery can take a while — trawling through the yellow pages and countless courier websites can feel like a dead end. Your interest rate will be detailed in checkout.

    Bunk beds are almost a rite of passage for many children, they can be great fun to build forts or play on in a number of fashions. While it might sound strange, siblings can really bond when they share a room, and bunkbeds are far better for this than two singles. Bunk Beds Price There is no doubt that metal beds are generally cheaper than wooden ones.

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  • Bunk Beds Ireland — Metal frame or Wooden frame? There are a few differences between having your bed made out of metal or wood and there are trade-offs between each. Get it assembled by a tradesman Our assembly service is available in Dublin only. For nationwide assembly we recommend finding online a tradesman in your area.

    The Bed Noise Levels As they age, metal beds tend to become squeaky. By contrast, metal is so dense that it never moves, causing tiny movements that over time warp the shape. This is far less common with more expensive metal beds, but eventually a cheaper bed will become unusable.

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  • Many of these things above are simply trade-offs. Wooden beds are more expensive and hard to install due to how heavy it is, but will usually last longer and most have the benefit of being able to switch into two regular single beds, which can be very useful to some people depending on what you need the beds for. Bunk Beds Design Bunk Beds Ireland's metal beds usually follow standard and set designs and as a material, metal is generally pretty hard to work with on such a small scale, so there are far more wooden designs that can be utilised.

    For example, do you want a ladder or stairs? Most bunk beds have a spray painted finish. The spray painting colour is usually white or off-white, although more fun colour options are available.

    A spray painting furniture service can turn your bunk bed into a personalised piece of furniture.

    cot bed online ireland Cot bed online ireland



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