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He tells how he and his friend Sieben travelled to the land of the Gothir and how he became involved in the political affairs there.

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Due to a prophecy that the King made Druss must lose a tournament, when he refuses to do this men are hired to kill him. In the course of the attempt on his life his friend Klay is shot in the spine with a crossbow leaving him paralyzed and mortally wounded. To help him Druss travels to the land of the Nadir where a mystic has told him there are gems that can heal any wound.

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As he travels to the shrine of Nadir hero Oshikai, the Gothir send a force of 2, men to destroy it. Druss arrives at the shrine hoping to find the jewels but is unable to before the Gothir arrive and so helps 4 Nadir tribes to defend the shrine under the guidance of a Gothir trained Nadir soldier called Talisman.

Talisman is on a quest to find "The Uniter", a man with blazing violet eyes called Ulric, who will unite the Nadir tribes after centuries of warfare.

This gives Theo plenty of room to sprawl out and he loves having all the extra space after being in a Moses basket. It will have been emailed to you at the time of order.

During the defense of the shrine the spirit of Oshikai's wife Shul-sen is released from captivity with the help of Druss and Talisman, the spirit unleashes a storm on the Gothir army and those that are not killed are ordered to withdraw.

Druss's friend Sieben reveals that he has found the jewels which the Nadir call "The Eyes of Alchazzar". He takes them back to Gothir where they find that Klay had died a few days after they left.

cot bed grey Cot bed grey

However, they heal many of the sick in the hospice before returning the jewels to the Nadir. Talisman then calls a meeting of the Nadir tribes in which he smashes the jewels to return the magic and life of the Nadir land.

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  • In doing this the energy flows through him turning his eyes a blazing purple; he then claims his name as Ulric. The book then comes back to the present day where we learn that Druss has fallen in combat in the defense of Dros Delnoch.

    This is typical Gemmell at his fantasy best, in the 'axe and sorcery' genre. Druss is a take no prisoners kind of guy Druss is a real hero.

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  • He fights the worthy causes, for love, honour and righteousness. Druss is a man who sees right and wrong Read full review Selected pages.

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