cot bed size bunk beds Cot bed size bunk beds

Would the pine bed be suitable to paint? Does it have a varnish on or anything that would make painting it difficult? Adrian I find the bunk beds make a very creaky noise when the Grandchildren are getting into bed.

Can you recommend anything to help get rid of the noise. Grandma Hi there, I advise to tighten the joints.

cot bed size bunk beds Cot bed size bunk beds

Sometimes, fixing a squeaky bed is as simple as tightening a few screws and bolts. I hope this helps. Edward argos Would this be easy to take apart once assembled and then reassembled when we move house?

Dave argos I wanted the drawers with this bed. Which ones would be recommended? Eve Argos It says the width is 88cm but the single mattress I want is 90cm will this fit? I am after a bunk bed that is super slim so I want to make sure the width is deff 88cm thank you From: Mandy Hi Mandy, The width of the bed frame is 88 cms. The 90 cms mattress is too big. Hope this helps By: Jackie Mattress size I have a cot bed and a toddler bed not much space in grandkids room they only come for holidays was looking a shorty bunk beds as they are due home next month was wondering if my mattress from cot beds which a still new would fit this From: Charlie Argos How wide are the treads on the ladders on these bunk beds please From: Ann Hi Ann, The treads on the ladder are 65mm wide.

Edward argos Where can I buy the fitted sheets and mattress protector for these? Grandmasuzydog Hi Grandmasuzydog I can confirm that you use single sheets and mattress protectors for shorty mattresses and tuck them in a bit more!

Thanks for your question By: Samm argos Are all dimensions correct epsically length? It quote W88 L H My room very small, length is cm. This bed would be perfect for me if the Length is cm, I don't mind about width or height.

My question is are all dimensions are correct before I buy?? Diaz Hi Diaz, the measurements will be approximate,you would also need assembly room. Thank you for using Argos Q and A By: Samm argos Are there under bed drawers to go with the shorty bunks? We don't do under bed drawers specific to this bed but we do sell various ones which would, only just, fit - e. Argoshelper73 What wood is the bed made of? Dave argos What is the height between the floor in the bottom bed? Sara Hi Sara, I have checked for you and can confirm The height is mm and mm wide.

I hope this helps you. Thank you for your question. Mal Argos Hi, can this be separated and used as 2 bed?

I am after a bunk bed that is super slim so I want to make sure the width is deff 88cm thank you From: Or your child might want their own space.

Miham Hi, I can confirm that this item cannot be separated. Dave Can you use a single mattress with this bunk? Charlie Argos When buying this bed it only lets u add 1 mattress does it actually come with both mattress pls From: Becky Hi Becky, Sorry, this bunk bed does not come with mattresses, they must be purchased separately.

You would need a shorty mattress such as http: Usha argos Can ladder move from right to left side? I am afraid I need the ladder on the left side, not on the right hand side as on the pictures. Can this be done please? Zlad Hi Zlad, The ladder on the bunk bed is in a fixed position. Pat Argos Can i have the instructions of fixing this bed plz I want to fix a bed but does not have intstruction..

Sabah Hi, Im sorry to hear the item is missing the instuctions. Morgan argos Are the measurements on the image correct? Your image with the measurements on it states Add them two together and it leaves 27cm for both frames and the guard rails for the top bunk! That cannot be correct. Is it possible to get a more accurate drawing with correct measurements From: MB Hi, I have contacted the supplier, they have confirmed the dimensions in the 4th picture are correct.

Kell What do I need to assemble it From: Edward argos Do they take standard single mattresses? Please see the following link http: Mal Argos Is it possible to get a Drawer - under bed storage for this bed? Alex argos Can these beds be stand alone beds, so 2 seperate beds? Gill argos Can you choose what end the ladder is fixed? Neilimperial Hi The ladder is in a fixed position.

Pam argos Is the bunk bed suitable for adults too? What is the maximum person weight for each bed? Mary Hi there, The Bunk Bed has been safety tested to kg, this would be the maximum weight that can be used with the bed. Mike Argos Where can I get the bed sheets the same size please? After bed sheets to fit theses beds and a mattress protector too please if anyone can help?? However, a single flat sheet would be suitable. Lisa argos Are the beds 6ft??? Don't want 3ft beds as I've got a 7 year old and a 5 year old who are quite tall From: Jane argos How big are the mattresses that go on the josie bunk beds I can't seem to get fitted sheets for the mattress that fits.

Coote Hi, I can confirm that you would need a shorty mattress such as http: Natalie Argos I would like to know if an adult can sleep on this bed.

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  • Shannon Are these toddler bunk beds? Beethanyyy Hi, The bunk beds are for ages 6 years and over. Ric argos What does shorty bunk bed mean?

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  • Lou argos Would this bed be sturdy enough for a small adult to use occasionally? Gerry Hi Gerry, The Bunk Bed has been safety tested to kg, this would be the maximum weight that can be used with the bed. Argos Helpers Does the bunkbeds come with mattresses?

    cot bed size bunk beds Cot bed size bunk beds

    Marilyn Dobrowolski Hi, Sorry, this bunk bed does not come with mattresses, they must be purchased separately. Thanks for using Argos Q and A. Tim argos The 'shorty' matresses that accompany this product - are they reduced in length only or width also? And do you sell fitted sheets to fit? Total thickness must not exceed 18cm. Jane argos Does this fit the mattress size 2'6"? Mike Wooden slats Hi there can you tell me if the wooden slats on this bed are solid pine or are they made from plywood?

    Lou argos How high is the top bed from the ground?

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  • And what is maximum height of the mattress allowed? What mattresses sold by you fits this bed? The maximum mattress depth for the top bunk is 16cm.

    Lou argos Do you sell any under bed drawers with the Shorty Bunk beds? Rachael Hi Rachael, Sorry, we do not sell under bed drawers that would be suitable to be used with shorty bunk beds.

    Jane argos Do you need an electric drill in order to build these bunk beds? Alex R Hi, This Josie Shorty Bunk Bed Frame doesn't require an electric drill for assembly - it can be put together with the supplied allen key and fixings.

    You will need a manual screwdriver will be needed for fixing the slats. I hope this helps! Amy Argos Do you have mattresses that can accompany and fit this short bunk bed? Amy Argos Can the ladder go at either end From: The ladder is designed to only go at one end.

    Kev argos What is the height from the top of the guard rail to the top of the slats on the top bunk.

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    I want to know if this at least 27cm, in which case a 17cm mattress should be fine.



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