cot bed fitted sheets tesco Cot bed fitted sheets tesco

Designed to allow parents to sleep next to their baby, Chicco Next2Me attaches to the base of the bed using secure straps.

cot bed fitted sheets tesco Cot bed fitted sheets tesco

With a helpful double-use function, Chicco Next2Me provides both a side-sleeping solution as well as standing-alone. Cocooning, soft padded sides for optimum comfort, along with a breathable mesh panel, Chicco Next2Me is the ideal option to share precious moments together.

A further feature of Chicco Next2Me is its handy tilting function, which allows parents to adjust the crib so that the baby can lie at an angle, aiding reflux and congestion making sleeping more comfortable for their little one.

With foldable legs, Chicco Next2Me can match any bed-frame including divan beds, making it the perfect practical solution for any parents.

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  • Not only that, its fabric is machine-washable, which means keeping things clean is made simple! Some of the reviewers thoughts: Lizzie and Ben , Greater Manchester The crib was simple and effective in design.

    The main sources of fuel at Lower wood Farm that are combustible are coal and oil. Certain cottages by the nature of design have sloping ceilings and exposed beams that restrict height in certain areas. Key collection was easy and the location was great for our purposes.

    It was very easy to put up and adjust to ensure it sat neatly alongside the bed. Although the crib height is adjustable, it is not suitable if you have a very high bed. The crib is spacious and there is plenty of room for growth if you choose to keep baby in the crib for 6 months. The materials used were of a good quality and the product felt sturdy when constructed.

    Other than the ability to take down the side of the crib to access baby, the design was a little plain and lacked any additional extra functions for example storage underneath. Sam , Lincs "This is a very good crib for side sleeping with your baby. I had great peace of mind knowing that my baby was safely asleep in the crib, whilst i could still be very close to him and cuddle him comfortably if I needed to.

    I also found it useful to have a crib that was on the same level as my bed, after having a c-section.

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  • The zip down panel was easy to use and allowed this function quickly and easily. My baby was rather colicky, so I particularly liked the fact that the crib could be inclined to help with this.

    It was very easy to fit to the bed, the straps were easy to attach and the feet folded in well which allowed it to be very close to the frame of my bed. The crib could also be used as a stand alone, although i felt that it wasn't as sturdy when in this mode.

    cot bed fitted sheets tesco Cot bed fitted sheets tesco

    The crib itself was pleasing to the eye, and had a nice overall shape to it. Although the colour stated grey, but I felt it was more of a brown shade. The crib is very lightweight, can be easily folded, and is easy to assemble, making it a very good travel companion, it even had its own travel bag!

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  • The mattress is very soft and the panels are nicely cushioned too. It is also fully machine washable, which is a great advantage. Generally a good bedside crib, just needs sturdier legs to be used as a stand alone. It had a great width to it which meant we could use it for as long as possible. We plan to keep our little girl in a room with us for as long as possible and the Next2Me is a perfect size for this. In fact, our two year old fitted into it and would've loved to have been allowed a nap in it!

    It was easy enough to pop up and even to pop down too if you ever needed to store it. We kept the box as we imagine it will fit back into the box and store nice and easily ready for the next addition to the family!

    It was great to have the option of a stand alone crib or drop-side crib for co-sleeping. The other great feature that we found very useful was the tilt function as our little girl suffered from reflux and she was much more comfortable sleeping at a slight angle.

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    One thing that we did find tricky was finding mattress sheets to fit the Next2Me purely because the mattress was so wide!



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