target cot bed mattress Target cot bed mattress
target cot bed mattress Target cot bed mattress

NSW, Australia Total posts: Recently we moved our 3 year old into a new bedroom which is the room next to ours. She has always had a Safety 1st bedrail on her bed since she moved into a bed last year.

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  • This type of bedrail actually clamps down onto the mattress and locks into place. DD is quite a restless sleeper and moves all over the bed so the rail has been great at keeping her safe.

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    However, when we moved her into her new room, we found we weren't getting a lot of sleep because she was accidentally kicking the wall in the middle of the night and waking us up. So we moved her bed about half a metre off the wall and I purchased another bedrail for that side of the bed so that she couldn't fall out either side.

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  • I couldn't find the Safety First ones anywhere so I bought a Valco one which just slides under the mattress and doesn't anchor to anything. I did notice that every morning when I made her bed it had worked out from under the mattress a bit and I had to slide it back under. A few nights ago we were woken by a loud crash and the sound of DD screaming hysterically. We rushed in to find that the Valco rail had worked it's way loose to the point where DD had fallen down and was wedged betwwen the arms of the bedrail.

    We are lucky she had no serious injuries and was only scared by the accident. I blame myself for not searching hard enough for the original brand of bedrail BUT I really believe that the type that doesn't secure to anything is a hazard and should not be allowed to be sold.

    target cot bed mattress Target cot bed mattress

    I am writing to the distributor to complain. It was fitted according to instructions and was on the correst size and type of bed.

    If they feel pleasantly lukewarm, there is no problem. Grosvenor 79 x 37 cm sq.

    Imagine if it had been a smaller child or a really sound sleeper-there could have been a very serious injury or fatality. I know I have friends whose kids fall out of bed and don't even wake, they are such sound sleepers.

    A child like that could have suffocated. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to warn other parents about what can potentially happen-please only buy bedrails which have some sort of anchorage to the mattress. An idea we got told that worked for DS when he went into a bed though was to put rolled up blankets under his fitted sheet on the edge of his bed so he learns where the edge is, we had bean bags on the floor though just in case but he never fell out.

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