cot bed instructions download Cot bed instructions download
cot bed instructions download Cot bed instructions download

All furniture requires some care to keep its appearance. Please read the following care instructions: It is important to remember that timber is a natural product and if not maintained properly it may affect the quality of your furniture.

And is safe to use for your child! Are there accessories for the Dream? Just call 02 during weekly business hours to arrange a time and a day for one of our assembly professionals to come by your home to assemble your newly purchased Tasman Eco furniture.

For general cleaning, use a duster or damp cloth. To remove marks, a mild soap solution can be used. Strong abrasive household cleaners will damage the timber surface. Wooden furniture must always be protected from hot liquids, sharp objects and strong cleaning agents.

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Avoid contact with sharp an heavy objects by using table mats or cloths to protect surfaces. As careful as you may be, accidents do happen. For any spills, act quickly to reduce the possibility of damage. Gently wipe up the spill immediately with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Then wipe dry using a clean, soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain. To ensure safety of toy box content please do not force the lid closed, let it close gradually as designed. Please ensure that when using electronic mobiles or accessories on cots, that extra care is taken.

If they are incorrectly installed or have been given excessive tightening, damage to the cot or paint chipping may occur.

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  • This will not be covered by Warranty. Do not open more than one drawer at a time. When moving furniture, whether it's across the country or only across the room, special care must always be taken to prevent any damage. We strongly recommend when moving, that you lift and place your furniture rather than sliding or dragging the pieces across the floor, as this may cause damage to the joints. As some of our furniture items are heavy, you may need two people to lift.

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  • For all of our Nursery Cots and Change Tables, we recommend that all bolts should occasionally be checked to ensure that they are securely tightened. This warranty covers faulty materials and workmanship, however does not include general wear and tear or damage caused by the product not being used in accordance to the above guidelines.

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