kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed Kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed

Time ran away with me and life a at home got shaken up quite a bit. Lia, over to you… Oh wow, lovely news!

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From what I can see some of the allocated bathtime products are suitable for use by both for our newborn boy and our toddler, so looking forward to testing them doubly!

I am not a good writer, by any means, but I had a little bit of inspiration the other night and wrote something half decent… Here it is: July just before and just after the arrival of number two! I was picked to become a tester of baby monitors for THE mother and baby awards Wow, this has won an award, I am so buying it! Men… OK they are not supposed to know about these things, and fair enough he has other things on his mind.

Definite must-buy in my eyes and have recommended it to friends looking to buy a travel cot. He has been on hand with any issues or questions following the purchases and always happy to help! Melanie February Its a pleasure dealing with an efficient company.

Especially being that I am due to give birth later this week. So I picked up the phone and called the first fellow mum tester, who had a baby girl three months ago. Now, that was the reaction I was looking for! By the end of the day I had already 4 mums and 1 dad lined up and started making arrangements as to who would test what when.

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  • The monitors may not be here yet, but I am such a control freak I want it all sorted in advance, especially since one of my friends is going away on holiday in August and I need to get the feedback in. A few days and a baby later yes, number two is here! I got another email with all the tantalising details and updated my friends.

    kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed Kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed

    Now for the agonising part of waiting not long, but long enough for me to receive the monitors, one by one, over the next couple of days to test. What if the right eye is half-open checking, say monitor A to see baby, and the other eye wide awake checking monitor B to see toddler, I am a supermum and can manage this and sleep deprivation so long as there are no accidents..

    Fiona We received our order the next day and all is fine - just wanted to say Thank You for an excellent service. I called Peter to discuss my options regarding a baby seat being fitted in my renault scenic he was very helpful and I made the decision to visit Pushchairs and Car Seats so John could ensure I purchased the correct one.

    How to keep toddler away from the monitors I am testing. You see, he, just like his mummy, is a gadget-aholic with serious intent.

    kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed Kiddicare baby weavers jessica cot bed

    I, like many mums I know, work with lists, so I get on with the task of preparing a list of bribes for toddler to keep the monitors out of his reach..

    I first do this while I am half asleep breastfeeding baby, continue through the night in my dreams and finish it off in the morning.

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  • Ice cream in the freezer get earplugs for when daddy comes home and sees it 2. One or two Peppa pig DVDs must borrow from the library, and this time I must return that book I took out 2 years ago 3.

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  • Promise to go somewhere by train tomorrow even two stops to Shadwell will do, so long as the transport resembles a train! At least his obsession for trains is manageable, the other day he asked to go on a helicopter ride! No number four yet, but I am not even done breastfeeding..



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